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In Memoriam Sergeant Arthur Edward Christensen, Past President of Last Post Fund, Manitoba Branch

Sgt. (ret'd) Arthur Edward Christensen at his home in Rivercrest, Manitoba in 2016, age phote 100. phote: Mike Deal / Winnipeg Free Press

The Last Post Fund was grieved to learn of the passing of Sergeant Arthur Edward Christensen, who among his many and varied achievements, served for 15 years as Manitoba Branch President of the Last Post Fund.  

Art Christensen was born in Winnipeg on December 23rd, 1916 to Danish parents Niels and Mathilda Christensen. In 1932 he joined the 13th Battery of the 26th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, and served overseas as battery Sergeant-Major during the Second World War, before contracting tuberculosis and being sent back home. An eighteen-month convalescence period left him with a collapsed lung, although this condition apparently did not prevent him from leading a full and active life.

Arthur Edward Christensen is fondly remembered as a community builder and community leader in Rivercrest, a housing community north of Winnipeg established in 1946 for Veterans of the Second World War. In addition to his professional career, he spent 21 years in elected office; 10 years as Councillor and 11 years as Reeve. Art Christensen was recognized during his lifetime through the many awards he received for his community service, including the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.
Art Christensen passed away peacefully on December 30, 2018 at the age of 102.

According to his family, when asked for his secret to such a long life, he would always reply, “Everything in moderation.”

Last Post Fund recognizes his service to the country and to his community and is honoured to count Sgt. Arthur Edward Christensen as one of “our own”. He will not be forgotten. 



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