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In Memoriam Hon. Col. David Lloyd Hart

Colonel David Lloyd Hart
Honorary Colonel David Lloyd Hart salutes during the commemorative ceremonies of the 75th Anniversary in Dieppe, France on August 19, 2017. | Le colonel honoraire David Lloyd Hart salue lors des cérémonies commemoratives du 75e anniversaire de la bataille de Dieppe, France le 19 août 2017. Photo: Department of National Defence - Ministère de la défense nationale

Canada has lost its longest-serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a decorated Second World War hero. Honorary Colonel David Lloyd Hart passed away on Wednesday, March 27th at the admirable age of 101 years old. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends as well as by his regiment, the 24 Signal Regiment of which he was a longstanding member and friend.

His military career was remarkable for its longevity at 81 years of service, and most notably for his act of bravery during the Battle of Dieppe, for which he was awarded the Military Medal (MM). On August 19, 1942 Hart, a signaler, was stuck on a disabled boat just 5 metres from the shore, and was at that point the only source of communications between headquarters and the front line. As he watched heavy shellfire rain down on troops struggling on the beach, Hart requested permission to go off-air in order to contact two units and give them an order to retreat. At first, permission was denied, but Hart persisted, promising to act quickly: "I promised to come back in two minutes and they agreed. I got off the air, got a hold of the two units, gave them the order to come out and was back on the air in 30 seconds."

Thanks to Hart, many lives were saved in this bloody battle, for which the Canadian death toll reached 907, with an additional 586 wounded and nearly 2000 taken prisoner. His act of bravery will not be forgotten.

Last Post Fund honours his memory and that of all Veterans and offers sincere condolences to his family. 



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